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Engineering & Design Services

Loadout - Transportation - Installation

Marine Operations

Modifications - Outfitting

Engineering & Design Services

From drafting to analysis and design, Masstrans considers every job or project to be crucial in maintaining quality and supporting the objectives of our clients in the project hierarchy and phases within.

Masstrans is equipped with computer software, as follows:

  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)/AutoCad / Inventor/ ZWCAD

  • Structural engineering analyses / F.E.M. and design StaadPro / Fusion     with NEi Nastran / FEMAP with Nx Nastran

  • Hydrostatic, Stability  analyses / calculations and hull design - Hydromax / Maxsurf

  • Information on crane lifting parameters for major cranes in the region - Inhouse

  • Rigging calculations -Inhouse

  • Mooring Analyses & Design - Optimoor / Inhouse

Loadout - Transportation - Installation

  • Design / verification of skidding systems

  • Trailer / SPMT stability & strength analysis

  • Lifting / rigging design & analysis

  • Module / equipment structural integrity check

  • RORO ramp design & analysis

  • Ballasting calculation

  • Stability calculation, longitudinal strength during crossover

  • Mooring calculation

  • Loadout manual

  • Vessel acceleration calculations & motion analysis

  • Seafastening & grillage design

  • Intact & damage stability calculation

  • Bollard pull calculation

  • Towing manual

  • Jacket launching analysis

Marine Operations

​Backed by our expertise in execution of land and marine transportation operations, Masstrans is highly capable of supervising and assessing operational hazards involved in such operations and ensuring that all necessary precautions are taken to mitigate risks or avoid losses. Marine capabilities include:

  • Motion analysis

  • Stability

  • Mooring analysis

  • Vessel design for modification/conversion

  • Vessel plan

  • 3rd party verification & review

Modifications -Outfitting

In addition to engineering and design, or as a stand-alone requirement, Masstrans personnel are also mobile and versatile in representation, and thus can effectively manage modifications and outfitting activities through every stage – from feasibility to planning to execution to delivery – whether onshore or offshore. We can also provide turn-key subcontracting and procure the optimum resources available that will suit your requirements, while keeping your best interests in mind. Whatever the size of the project you hire us for, you can be certain that you will get the full worth of our over-10 years of experience in the business.